About Chris

Chris Kachiroubas has lived in DuPage County for thirty nine years surrounded by his family and friends. He and his wife Laura are raising their three children, Alex, Chandler, and Tess, in Elmhurst where they have lived for many years. His record of accomplishments and commitment to DuPage County are long and are reflected in the experiences he had growing up here. Chris Kachiroubas announced his candidacy for Clerk of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in 2003 determined to do more for the county he loves.

As an experienced public servant Clerk, Chris Kachiroubas has the experience and commitment to getting the job done. His aggressive approach and willingness to make decisions provide for an improved well run Clerks Office. Since 2004, when Chris Kachiroubas became Clerk, he has made public service and accesses to the Court’s record his number one priority. He continues to focus on reducing customer wait times, increasing the use of technology supporting the court room cases, public access and has eliminated labor intensive processes.

As custodian of the second largest court system in Illinois, Chris understands his statutory responsibilities and provides the best services available as a Circuit Court Clerk. Chris has directed his staff to enhance the access to court records using web technologies, decreased head count, revamped office policies and is addressing the volumes of paper files being currently stored at the court house by electronically imaging documents to then destroy the physical paper files in turn reducing the need for costly space. As Clerk, Chris accepts the responsibility of being Clerk of the Circuit Court and wishes to share some history about the court in addition to some information about the DuPage County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Chris Kachiroubas DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk

Mr. Kachiroubas was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court in 2004. He is now serving his third term. The DuPage Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for all court records of the 18th Judicial Circuit. The 18th Judicial Circuit, which encompasses all of DuPage County, is the second largest circuit in the State of Illinois. Presently, the 18th Circuit has 41 courts located in the main courthouse and 3 off site courts.

In 2015, the Clerk’s office handled 24,504 civil new case filings and 185,464 new criminal case filings. The Clerk’s office manages in excess of 748,400 items in the court annually. Within the criminal filings there are 143,320 traffic tickets issued by 40 different law enforcement agencies. Approximately, 54% of all traffic citations are handled and disposed administratively through the Clerk’s Office. In addition, over 55,079 warrants and 48,175 summonses are issued and processed through the Clerk’s Office.

The Circuit Clerk’s office is the steward of all fees, fines and costs, as ordered by the court. Annual revenue to DuPage County for 2014 was $16,872,709 making the Circuit Clerk’s Office the third largest revenue source in DuPage County, behind the countywide sales tax and property taxes. In total the Clerk’s Office distributed $20,896,548 to governmental entities in 2015.

Chris has brought many new innovations during his tenure. He has expanded case management and court information through the internet by; instituting e-guilty pleas online and permitted payments of petty traffic tickets at epay.18thjudicial.org; on-line petitions of order for protection at www.illinoisprotectionorder.org; adding electronic warrant processing; compliance program that has increased the collection of outstanding judgments and brought in over $23 million dollars since December of 2004; remodeling a new and open waiting area, using the latest technology, with a “help station” to assist the visitors as they come into the Clerk’s office and established the first e-appeal procedure; Video-warrant; mandatory e-filing in Illinois. All of these innovations have been accomplished while reducing the office budget and personnel headcount to its lowest in three decades.  Currently the Circuit Clerk’s Office handles almost 1,000 phone calls per day and is averaging over 700 visitors on a daily basis.

Chris continues to promote good Illinois Court policy through his work; By appointment of the Illinois Supreme Court as Committee Member E-Business Policy Advisory Board; Conference of Chief Circuit Judges for Article V; as a Committee Member of the Sub-committee for Bonds, Fines and Court Appearances; Illinois Juvenile Justice Leadership Council, Chairman-DuPage County Historic Case Committee, Illinois Association of Court Clerks-Past President, Illinois Association of County Officials-President – Elect; Chairman – Illinois Association of County Officials Legislative Chairman.

Prior to becoming Clerk of the Circuit Court, Chris was elected three times as the Addison Township Assessor. Chris has spent a total of almost 24 years with the Assessor’s office beginning in 1977 serving in several different positions within the office. He served as President of the DuPage Assessor’s Association, a board member to the Illinois Assessor’s Association and a Director to the Township Officials of Illinois. Chris is also past Chairman, Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate Appraisal Board. He was named “Distinguished Government Award Winner” by The United Hellenic Voters of America and winner of the “General Excellence Award” by the Illinois State Crime Commission.

Chris, his wife Laura and their three children have lived in Elmhurst for the past sixteen years. Chris has lived in DuPage County for 39 years.